After Syria, Libya and Karabakh .. Turkey is preparing its mercenaries to be sent to Somalia

Selava Omar – Xeber24.net

Private sources reported to “Sky News”, Turkey’s preparations to send about 1,000 mercenaries to Somalia from its mercenary training camps in Afrin, and another in Libya.

The sources revealed to the network in the occupied city of Afrin that Turkey had begun to supply a new batch of mercenaries from the Afrin, Jarablus and Al-Bab regions, to send them to fight in Somalia.

The sources indicated that mercenaries had opened several centers south of Tripoli to recruit them, and added that the new batch of mercenaries to be sent to Somalia is being trained in camps in northwestern Syria and southern Tripoli.

The sources said that the mercenaries of the “Sunni Falcons, Liwa al-Qadisiyah, the people of al-Athar, al-Khattab and the Abu Qadri” group are preparing to head towards Somalia, as they are in agreement with the “Boko Haram” terrorist group, which is active in West Africa.

To that, the sources also stated that “Turkey supports the centers affiliated with the terrorist militia in western Libya to train terrorists, which are concentrated in Yarmouk in Tripoli, and in the Sunday market in Tarhuna,” in order to recruit more mercenaries.

She also pointed out that other centers have been established in northwestern Syria, and are distributed in Afrin, and others in “Serêkaniyê, and Gire Spi” to recruit mercenaries, especially those returning from Libya, in preparation for sending them to Somalia.

According to the information available, the sources indicated that mercenary training centers in Syria include about 500 mercenaries, while in Libya 700 mercenaries have been registered, most of whom hail from Idlib, Homs and Ghouta, Damascus.

Recently, there were several reports about Erdogan’s new plans against the Kurds in Bakur Kurdistan and Turkey, as the reports said: Erdogan intends to send mercenaries from the Turkestan Islamic Party to the city of Amad in Bakur Kurdistan.

The reports said: This mercenary group is one of the militant groups whose members are the Chinese Uyghurs, Chechens, Uzbeks, Tajiks and others.

The number of members of this mercenary group is estimated at about 7 thousand armed men, as mercenaries, accompanied by their families, poured into Syria in 2013, and initially settled in the mountains of the coast and the western countryside of Idlib, within the border areas with Turkey, and they are spread in the countryside of Latakia.

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