Three Kurds from Dohuk lose their lives by Turkish air strikes

Khoshben Sheikho – Xeber24. net – agencies

The Media issued that The Bodies of Three people who went missing ten days ago were located in a mountainous area in Duhok Governorate’s Deraluk sub-district on Saturday (December 12).

A Family member of One Of the victims told NRT, That they had died in a suspected Turkish bomb attack.

The media explaine, That Two of the dead were residents of Deraluk, while the other was from Duhok city.

At least 12 civilians have now been killed and several others wounded in airstrikes in the month since the Turkish military stepped up cross- border operations into the Kurdistan Region and northern Iraq on June 15.

Turkey justifies the raids as necessary to combat the Kurdistan worker’s party, which has its headquarters in the “Qandil Mountains”.

However, the airstrikes regularly kill civilians, displace hundreds, and destroy valuable cropland in the border areas.

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