After the European sanctions shy.. Turkey announces the continuation of its ships to explore in the Mediterranean and Aegean

Hussam Aldeen Ali ـ

The Turkey Ministry of Defense announced in a statement the continued presence of its search and captain ships in the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea.

This was made by an announcement from the Turkish Defense Ministry on its official website, on Sunday, where it announced that “we agree and speak the seismic research ship Pasha Bararos Gayreddin in the Mediterranean Sea and the drilling ship Fatih, and ocean seismic research ship in the Black Sea.

The Turkish Defense Ministry expressed Turkey s desire to resolve the Eastern Mediterranean conflicts through negotiations and good dialogue, with Greece in an attempt to calm down following the sanctions imposed on Turkey, and the scorpions that are also expected to be imposed, although described by observers as shy.

Turkey s relations with Eu Countries have been tense and tides in many areas, and Turkey has continuously provoked the EU with the refugee card in every crisis.

Despite Greek objections to Turkish ships being navigated in their waters and carring out search and excavation operations, Turkey insists and violates Greek waters on a daily basis.

Translated by: khoshbin Sheikho

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