Anti-terrorism units arrest 4 ISIS elements

Selava Omar –

The Anti-Terrorism Units (YAT) of the People’s Protection Units (YAT) arrested 4 ISIS terrorists, during a campaign organized in the Tal Hamis area of ​​Qamishlo canton, according to what local sources reported.

The Media Office of the People’s Protection Units issued a statement to the public opinion, indicating that the anti-terror units of the People’s Protection Units organized a campaign against “ISIS” in the Tal Hamis area of ​​Qamishlo canton.

The campaign that was organized on December 6, during which 4 mercenaries were arrested.

The names of the terrorists, according to the statement, are “Mohsen Fahd Al-Da’aihi, Ghazi Dohan, Hamad Ali Al-Nasser and Muhannad Mohsen Fahd Al-Propagator”.

The statement also indicated that “Mohsen and Ghazi” were working within the intelligence of “ISIS” organization and had participated in many terrorist operations.

The statement indicated that a large amount of ammunition and technical equipment were seized with them.

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