Amid popular rejection.. Russia and Turkey run the 36th patrol in Darbasiyah

Selava Omar –

Today, Monday, the Russian military police and Turkish forces conducted the 36th joint patrol on the borders of Darbasiyah district.

The patrol toured the villages of “Delek, Quneitra, Tal Kadish, Qarmani, Ghanameya, Karsli, Jdeideh, Mudawara and Khanki,” so that the patrol returned to its starting point in the village of Shirk.

During the patrol that passed inside the villages, it was accompanied by popular discontent by the people, as they threw stones at them in the villages of Qaramana and Karkatli, expressing their rejection of these patrols, and the Russians’ silence about the Turkish occupation attacks in the Ain Issa and Zerkan sub-regions.

The patrol consisted of 4 armored vehicles from both sides in addition to two Russian helicopters.

The conduct of these patrols comes in implementation of the “Sochi” understandings that Russian President Vladimir Putin reached with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on October 22 of last year.

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