Despite international law setting many standards to protect it.. Turkey is stealing and looting historical monuments in Afrin

Navin Resho –

Turkey and its affiliated factions are committing various war crimes, including killing and kidnapping of civilians, destruction of the environment and looting of antiquities in Afrin, amid the entire silence of the international community.

International law has set many standards to protect historical monuments, including: that they are not used and their surroundings for purposes of exposing them to destruction, and it is forbidden to steal, plunder and dispel historical monuments and destroy them, not to seize the movable ones, and to prevent measures of retaliation for antiquities, and the occupying state is obligated not to violate them, and to allow the state under The occupation is to exercise its right to protect its antiquities, and to carry out its duties in it without obstruction from the occupation.

International law considers attacking historical monuments a war crime, and international criminal law, as well as the 1954 Hague Convention, and the Geneva Convention and its two protocols have shown that if the assault is committed intentionally, so that attacks are directed at buildings dedicated to historical monuments, and an attack on protected civilian objects is a war crime.

According to the director of antiquities for Afrin region, 13 archaeological hills were looted and bulldozed with heavy machinery last November by the Turkish army and its affiliated factions.

A member of the Antiquities Directorate of Afrin region said that during the month of November of this year they documented violations against 13 archaeological hills in Afrin canton, as they based their documentation on satellite images, because the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries did not allow any citizen to approach those areas because of their exposure to digging and sabotage, heavy machinery ”.

According to the directorate, the hills that were stolen and bulldozed are Tal al-Sheikh Abd al-Rahman, the village of Iskeh, Tal Farrak, located in the village of al-Fuririya in the district of Janders, and Tell Kashour in the village of Surka, and Tal Hussein Nasser in the village of Qara Baba, which are located in Rajo district, and in Afrin city center, Tel Jumka, Hill of Qebar Village, Hill of Tal Tawil Village, Hill of Marata Village, Hill of Kafr Rumah, and Tel Gomkeh and Khaziana village belonging to Mobata sub-district, and Tal Abush in the village of Kamruk.

Sino indicated that the deliberate sabotage and theft of archaeological sites comes with the aim of “erasing Afrin’s history in harmony with the policy of demographic change in the region.

“Sino” criticized the international organizations concerned with protecting antiquities, and pointed out their poor response to the appeals launched to protect the antiquities of Afrin from theft and vandalism.

International law criminalizes stealing antiquities and considers it a war crime, however, the international community remains silent about the repeated Turkish crimes in occupied Afrin.

Translation: Selava Omar

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