Once again .. running a joint “Russian-Turkish” patrol west of Kobani

Selava Omar – Xeber24.net

The Russian Military Police conducted a joint patrol with the Turkish forces west of the city of “Kobani”, on the Syrian-Turkish border in northern and eastern Syria.

The patrol set off from the border village of Ashma, west of the city of Kobani, with the participation of 4 armored vehicles from each side. “Ashma” village, where the starting point.

This is the 35th joint patrol that Russia and the Turkish occupation state run in the countryside of Kobani, and the patrols are usually conducted once a week.

The conduct of these patrols comes in implementation of the “Sochi” understandings that Russian President Vladimir Putin reached with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on October 22 of last year.

At that time, the two parties agreed to conduct patrols with a depth of no more than 10 kilometers on the Syrian-Turkish border in northeastern Syria, with the exception of cities, in addition to the withdrawal of the Syrian Democratic Forces beyond 30 kilometers from the border, to be replaced by the Syrian army’s border guards.

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