General “Mazloum Abdi” calls on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and provide support to the Kurds

Kajin Ahmad –

The Commander in Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, General “Mazloum Abdi” called on the international community to assume its responsibilities towards the Kurds and the components of the region who fought and defeated the terrorist organization ISIS.

In an interview with Switzerland Radio (Sr), the contents of which were published on Monday, the general said, “The Kurds, in cooperation with the components of the region, were able to defeat ISIS terrorist mercenaries, but the world turned its back on them, and this will pave the way for the return of ISIS with more force.

He also criticized the countries that stand silent about what the northern and eastern regions of Syria are exposed to and their failure to assume their responsibility for the reconstruction of the region after the defeat of ISIS militants, stressing at the same time that failure to provide support to the Kurds will clear the way for the return of ISIS forcefully.

The general stressed that the regions of northern and eastern Syria are exposed to attacks by Turkey and the mercenary factions loyal to it, and that the Kurds feel that the world has abandoned them in the face of those attacks.

He noted that the region is subject to systematic attacks stronger than the ones it was subjected to during the period of ISIS control .. ISIS terrorism was a common problem for all countries, and the most dangerous thing is to fight ISIS’s extremist ideology, and this matter should not be overlooked by global powers.

He pointed out that their forces have been able to achieve victory over ISIS militarily and in order to fight the extremist ideology spread by the mercenaries, there are arduous tasks ahead of us, adding that 16 centers will be established specialized in ridding ISIS extremist children of the extremist ideology they acquired from their families.

The general affirmed the urgent need to build new centers to house the families of ISIS terrorist militants, indicating that the Autonomous Administration does not have the resources and expertise to do so, and warned that “failure to meet people’s needs in terms of jobs and social services and providing water and electricity to them will be a sufficient reason for the strong return of ISIS.”

Translation: Selava Omar

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