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A prominent Syrian opposition figure: Only a short time remains for the “Kurdish-Kurdish” understandings

Kajin Ahmad –

The prominent Syrian opposition figure and the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, “Riad Dirar”, confirmed that the “Kurdish-Kurdish” dialogue does not contradict the outputs of the National Conference of the People of the Island and the Euphrates, noting that there is only a short time left for the Kurdish understandings, and they will take place and they will engage in the activities of the local elections.

“Dirar” said in a statement to “Xeber24” today, Sunday, that the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue does not contradict the holding of the National Conference for the People of the Island and the Euphrates, because we are working on one liberated Syrian land, upon which an Autonomous Administration is based, which carries out the conditions of the citizens in the region in light of the stability that It happens after the elimination of ISIS. ”

“Dirar” added that the dialogue with the Kurdish National Council is part of the process that completes the achievements of the liberation and establishes relations between the people of the region in order to unite themselves towards the pursuit of a political solution that completes the rest of the Syrian lands, and the Kurdish brothers in the Kurdish Council have an important role in the event of understandings and they are real partners When these understandings are made.

The co-chair of “SDC” noted in his response whether there are any contradictions in the outcomes of the conference and the understandings of the Kurdish dialogue, that there are no contradictions in the conference’s achievements and outcomes with what will be agreed upon between the Kurdish brothers, because the path is one and the goals are the same.

“Dirar” stressed, “I think that we will reach important understandings, because the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue is a force for all activities in the region, and since this dialogue did not produce announced results, it can be in harmony and harmony with the region’s interest, which appeared in the outcomes of this conference for the people of the island and the Euphrates.” Noting that “the Kurdish brothers, with all their orientations, are Syrians and work for one Syrian goal.”

In response to whether the Kurdish Council is concerned with the elections scheduled for the conference, the leader of the “SDF” explained, “We have a whole year in which we can complete the elections, and I think that we have a short time for Kurdish-Kurdish understandings, which will take place and it can be completed with all the activities of the region, Let them run with others the activities of these elections.

“Dirar” emphasized that “all the components present in the region are concerned with these elections and the participation that we seek in the whole region.”

The Syrian politician continued, “The outputs of the National Conference of the Sons of the Jazira and the Euphrates mean all the people of the region, and therefore these outputs are a new shift for the better in managing north and east Syria, if work is done through it clearly and seriously, it will be a continuation of what this project started and a development of what they have accomplished. Activation of what was not achieved ”.

“Dirar” concluded, saying: Therefore, we believe that these achievements will be completed at the beginning of the follow-up committee, and all those concerned with their implementation will also be activate.

Translation: Selava Omar

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