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International agencies: demands to include the allies of the Kurdish Council on the list of terrorism and hold Turkey accountable

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

Human rights activists in northern Syria demanded that the entity known as the pro-Turkey Syrian Coalition be included on the list of international terrorism.

The activists said in a joint statement that the so-called “Syrian coalition” represents a political umbrella for terrorists and war criminals, calling for Turkey to be held accountable for its sponsorship of terrorism in the region.

This comes as media reports revealed strong ties between Hatem Abu Shakra, the leader of the “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” militia, with senior officials in the Turkish government, led by Erdogan, who met him at a meeting in April 2018, along with leaders of the terrorist factions loyal to Ankara.

The activists ’demands come after hosting what is known as the Syrian Coalition for Abu Shakra, the leader of the Turkish-backed Ahrar Al-Sharqiya militia, known as the” killer of the Kurds and Yazidis.”

Activists revealed that the Turkish-backed “Syrian Coalition” received the terrorist Ahmed Hassan Fayyad Al-Hayes, known as Hatem Abu Shakra, in his recently opened office in Azaz, northern Syria, which makes it a political umbrella for terrorists, especially since some countries deal with this coalition as representing some Syrians.

According to the activists, “Abu Shakra” personally supervised the field execution of the Kurdish politician and the co-chair of the Future Syria Party, Hevrin Khalaf, and two of her companions in 2019 near the village of “Artesian” located on the M4 highway north of Raqqa as part of the terrorist operation carried out by Turkey. In northern Syria under the name (Peace Spring).

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