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An official source clarifies the conditions of the Kurdish dialogue and confirms that it will resume soon, indicating that any disagreement is artificial and linked to a regional party

Prepare: Kajin Ahmad –
Translation: Selava Omar

For more than a year, the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces has been trying hard to bring the Kurdish parties, in Rojava / northern and eastern Syria, to a compromise formula, to manage the region, and despite the obstacles that occurred during the dialogues, it insists on continuing forward the convergence of the views of the two Kurdish parties. ” Kurdish, and the Kurdish national unity parties, or what is known as the democratic self-management parties.

Within this context, the co-chair of the Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party, “Talal Muhammad”, affirmed that if the general interest of the Kurdish people is presented over the narrow personal and partisan interest, then there will be no differences in the Kurdish dialogue, stressing that the emergence of any dispute will be artificial and linked to a regional party.

The Kurdish politician said in a statement to “Xeber24” Thursday, “I think if we put the public interest ahead of the personal interest, we will be able to overcome all differences or rather, there is no disagreement in the first place, the current stage is sensitive and requires making all efforts for the success of the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue.”

The co-chair of the Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party stressed that “any dispute will be artificial and not in the interest of the Kurdish people, and this is what the enemy of the Kurdish people and the enemy of the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue work on.”

Muhammad added, “If there are points of disagreement, they are related to regional issues, and it is not in the enemy’s interest to resolve these differences. On the contrary, he will seek to inflame these differences and sow the seeds of discord.”

Regarding his evaluation of the Kurdish dialogue, the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party said, “This dialogue is an important part of the steps of the Syrian solution, and of course its results will be positive in general, and its success will contribute to speeding up the political solution to the Syrian crisis.”

The Kurdish politician also considered, saying: “In my opinion, the percentage of“ 20% ”should be distributed to an independent party and find a suitable mechanism for their representation in the reference. As for giving each party the freedom to choose the 10% representation (and this was the Kurdish National Council’s demand), it prejudices the right of the independents.” .

In response to the delay in the start of the third round of dialogue, Muhammad said, “I think it requires a lot of appropriate preparations to start the third round, and the issue of the Corona virus and the absence of representatives of the Kurdish National Council came, and the travel of the United States’ envoy, I delayed the completion of the dialogues, I think soon the dialogue will resume. ”

The Kurdish politician also commented on “Abdullah Kdo” visit to “Afrin” as part of the Syrian coalition delegation, which met with great indignation among the Kurdish people, saying: “Unfortunately, the representatives of the Kurdish National Council within the coalition have no will but to meet the demands of the coalition and its sponsor.”

And “Muhammad” continued, “Sending a cake under the pretext of permanence of coalition members inside Syria, the main goal was to influence the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue and create contradictions in order to thwart the dialogue.”

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