Russia and Turkey conduct a joint patrol east of Kobane

Selava Omar –

The Russian military police and forces began conducting a joint patrol east of the city of “Kobani” in northern Syria.

The patrol took off from the border village of “Gharib”, east of Kobani, on the Syrian-Turkish border, with the participation of 4 Russian and 4 Turkish armored vehicles.

The patrol will roam villages located near the border east of Kobani, then return to finish at the starting point.

The conduct of the patrols comes within the framework of the understanding reached by Russian President “Vladimir Putin” and his Turkish counterpart, “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” in the Russian city of “Sochi” on October 22 last year, which stipulated the withdrawal of the Syrian Democratic Forces to beyond 30 kilometers. From the borders, and patrolling the Syrian territory with a depth of no more than 9 kilometers.

The understanding also stipulated a cessation of hostilities in the region, but violations by Turkey and its mercenaries have continued since then and until now.

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