With Russian mediation.. the “SDF” allows Turkey and its factions to transfer their bodies from the vicinity of Ain Issa and deal a heavy blow to them

Brusk Hassan –

The Syrian Democratic Forces were able to strike and repel the attack of the Syrian factions of the Syrian opposition coalition, in the countryside of Ain Issa, and were able to defeat their members on 11/23/2020, which was supported by the Turkish forces.

After the killing of more than 18 members of the Syrian factions, I called on the Russians to mediate to transport their dead from the battlefield in the village of “Maalak” in Ain Issa district.

Yesterday, the village of “Maalak” and the vicinity of Ain Issa district, Ain Issa camp, and the M4 international road witnessed strong clashes between the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Turkish army and the Syrian armed factions of the coalition, after an attempt by them to infiltrate the area where the SDF is fortified.

During the Syrian Democratic Forces’ response to the attack, 18 members of the Turkish army and the Syrian armed factions were killed in the village of “Maalak”, located in the northern countryside of Ain Issa district in the Euphrates region, after they were besieged by the fighters of the SDF.

Today, with Russian mediation, the Syrian Democratic Forces have allowed the Turkish army and the factions loyal to it to transfer the bodies of their dead from the village.

Translation: Selava Omar

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