“Us” forces are stationed for hours at the entrance to a strategice town in “AL ـ Hasaka”

Peshwar Hassan – – “Agencies”

The Us forces stationed today Saturday at the entrance to the strategice town of “Tal Tamer” for hours after conducting a regular patrol in the area.

In this context the reporter of “Xeber24” reported that the Us forces today conducted a regular patrol consisting of 6militray vehicles in the strategic town of “Tal Tamer” in the country side of “Hasakah” accompanied by a military vehicle of the “SDF” .

The patrol stopped at the entrance to the town for hours then withdrew and returned to the American base in “Qasirk”.

In another related context on the 16th of this month an American patrol consisting of “Bradleyarmored” vehicles stationed at “Hamzah Bek” oil station in the Gujarat region in the conuntryside of “Al –Malikiyah” which isaffiliated with the oil fields Directorate in Rumailan.

It is worth noting that these patrols come within the regular tours of the American forces in the region especially the oil accompanied by the SDF and more than once there have been skirmishes between the Russian and American forces and reached the point of fistfights after their patrols met in more than one position .

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