Bolton: Trump may cause great harm to national security and he will not go quietly

Selava Omar – Xeber24.net

The former National Security Adviser in the administration of US President Donald Trump, “John Bolton,” warned that the latter could cause “great harm” to US national security, expressing his fears that Trump “will not go quietly.”

“A lot of people think, or at least they hope, that (Trump) will realize that he lost and will go quietly, but I fear that the reaction will be exactly the opposite,” Bolton said in an interview with CNN.

He added, “I think, as I speak as a Republican, the way to contain the damage, not only for the country, but for the party as well, is for Republican leaders to speak up, as some of them do now, to acknowledge reality and realize that Joe Biden is the president-elect.”

He added: “I think that the longer this matter lasts, the worse it will be for the United States and its reputation at the international level in particular, when they see a president separated from reality more than he was before.”

On US national security, Bolton said: “I think there is a lot of harm that Trump can do,” and he referred to Trump’s dismissal of Defense Secretary Mark Esper, considering that the decision appears to be due to personal motives, and may have “serious damage.”

Bolton warned against exploiting the status quo by America’s enemies, saying: “This is the time when the opponents of the United States hope that our attention will turn, to exploit us in one way or another.”

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