The International Coalition: We will continue to support the “SDF” and build bridges of connection in northeastern Syria

Hamid AL-Nasser –

In a statement, the International Coalition Forces affirmed that they will continue to support the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), to continue building bridges of linkage with “partners” in northeastern Syria.

The international coalition to combat the terrorist organization “ISIS” renewed its efforts to continue supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces, and to provide a state of stability throughout the regions in northern and eastern Syria.

The media office of the International Coalition stated in a statement that its forces continue to build bridges of interconnection with their partners in northeastern Syria.

The international coalition forces indicated that they attach great importance to talking and interacting with the local population about their mission to defeat ISIS.

It is worth noting that the international coalition, with the support of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), has intensified its operations in the past period, as these operations have culminated. To the arrest of many of the leaders and militants of “ISIS”.

Translation: Selava Omar

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