On the impact of the elections .. Counter-demonstrations sweeping America

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

Many American cities witnessed demonstrations, in which supporters of the outgoing President Donald Trump demanded to stop the vote count in the elections, while the demonstrators in support of his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, called for the continuation of the process and “counting every vote.”

Dozens of angry supporters of Donald Trump gathered at the vote counting centers in Detroit and Phoenix, as the results were not in his favor, on Wednesday, in the two major states.

In Detroit, Trump supporters chanted, “Stop sorting,” and in Phoenix chanted, “Stop theft,” according to the Associated Press.

The protests came as Trump insisted, without evidence, that there were major problems with voting and counting of votes, especially with voting by mail, and Republicans filed a lawsuit in various states over the election.

Supporters of “Biden” demonstrated in New York City, according to correspondents of Agence France-Presse, which is considered a bastion of the Democrats, without any of them risking until the moment to announce his victory in the presidency.

For his part, hundreds of Trump supporters demanded that the counting of votes be stopped and that they be able to participate in the count, after Trump had announced his intention to submit a request for a recount in this state.

And US media reported on Wednesday afternoon that Biden had won “Michigan”, making him close to winning the 2020 US elections.

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