The Americans elect their president.. Biden and Trump talk about winning and continuing the vote count

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

American voter counting continues in the presidential and legislative elections, while Democratic candidate Joe Biden believes he is on the path to victory, while Donald Trump has spoken of a great victory.

The results of the count at night showed a big difference in Biden’s favor, but with the completion of the counting processes this difference decreased, as Trump’s victory in Florida came as a shock to observers and analysts.

In turn, the Associated Press said that the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, has so far received 238 votes in the electoral college against 213 for President Donald Trump.

So far, the results of the partial vote count in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Carolina and Wisconsin show Trump ahead of Democratic rival Joe Biden.

The results indicate that Biden won in Virginia, Vermont, Delaware, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Connecticut, Illinois, Rhode Island, New York, New Mexico, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Washington state, Oregon, Hawaii, Minnesota, and Arizona.

The estimated results so far showed that Trump won Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Tennessee, Arnxaw, Mississippi, Alabama, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, South Carolina, Kansas, Utah, Florida, Idaho, Ohio, Iowa, Montana, and Texas.

In a speech from the White House, US President Donald Trump stressed that his team is preparing to celebrate its victory in the presidential elections, paving the way for a second term, and said: “We are literally preparing to go out and celebrate all this success.”

He also added, “a sad group trying to marginalize the millions who voted for us.”

In turn, the Democratic candidate for the presidential elections in the United States, Joe Biden, called in a speech he delivered, Wednesday, to his supporters from Delaware, to be patient until the results appear, and confirmed that he is about to win.

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