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The Kurdish Council calls on the leadership of the “SDF” to suspend education in the Kurdish curriculum and to impose the teaching of the regime’s curriculum on the east of the Euphrates

Brusk Hassan –

The regions of northern and eastern Syria witness a local self-administration in which all components of the region participate, and all curricula are taught in the Kurdish language, in addition to teaching other languages ​​such as English, Arabic and others.

The Kurdish language education curriculum was applied after 2013, despite the few capabilities that the region lived in. However, through relying on its own capabilities, self-management was able to advance in teaching thousands of children in their mother tongue.

But Turkey fights from the beginning any Kurdish education, refuses to recognize any rights of the Kurdish people and carries out military operations on an ongoing basis, to prevent any progress witnessed by the Autonomous Administration, which considers the Kurdish people its basis.

And the Kurdish National Council, which rejects all the steps of the Autonomous Administration, also rejects education in the Kurdish language and prefers education according to the system’s curriculum, on the grounds that the system’s curriculum is recognized, despite the racism, chauvinist, and denial of the Kurdish people in the Baath Party’s curriculum.

With the initiation of the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogues at the initiative of the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, General “Mazloum Abdi”, and with American mediation, Turkey intervened on the line and fought the “Kurdish Kurdish” dialogue from the beginning and vowed to thwart it and threatened the Kurdish National Council that it would treat it as terrorists do, which led to the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Iraq Led by Masoud Barzani to intervene as well and summon members of the Kurdish Council to Hawler, so that they return with impossible conditions in their possession.

But the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces was able to overcome and overcome obstacles and continued to lead the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogues, and it went a long way, and the two parties reached many understandings, and the first stage ended successfully, but after Turkey saw that the Kurdish national unity parties were serious about the Kurdish dialogue and agreement, the Democratic Party again prepared members The Kurdish National Council to Hawler, to return later, but this time in possession of destructive conditions.

The thing that all the Kurdish street rejects is the establishment of two forces and the prevention of education in the Kurdish language, and this is what the Kurdish National Council demands.

The Kurdish National Council has presented many conditions to the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces, including education in the recognized curriculum, “the regime’s curriculum,” being the only recognized curriculum in Syria.

Stopping the compulsory service, in all regions of northern and eastern Syria.

Stopping work in the method of joint presidencies in democratic self-management

Landing the Peshmerga “Rojava” to northern Syria as an independent force.

No third party participates in the Kurdish dialogues and the Kurdish Unity and Progressive Parties.

In short, the Kurdish National Council does not accept anything from the existing democratic self-administration, and all of its conditions refer to the destruction of the current administration that has existed since 2014.

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