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The Manbij Military Council responds through “Xeber24” to Erdogan’s accusations and his authorities

Kajin Ahmad –

The Manbij Military Council denied today, Thursday, the claims of the Turkish authorities, led by Erdogan, who claimed that two PKK fighters had launched from the city of Manbij via local aircraft and carried out an explosion in the city of Iskenderun Bhatai.

The spokesman for the Manbij Military Council, “Sherfan Darwish,” said in exclusive statements to “Xeber24”: “We definitely deny such news, and these accusations are far from reality and far from logic.”

The military commander stressed, “These accusations are known, for trying to distort our forces, and to find justifications to destabilize security and stability, in general it is a clear accusation with political backgrounds.”

The military spokesman said, “The accusation came directly after the explosion and without any investigations or follow-ups.”

Darwish stated: “We are far from such matters, and we deny our connection with it, and logic cannot happen, and we categorically reject it. Manbij is under the control of the Manbij Military Council, and it is a safe and stable city, and we are defending ourselves and our people.

Erdogan, Hatay Governor and Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu claimed yesterday that a group of PKK fighters had flown by local flight from the city of Manbij to Amanus and from there to Iskenderun in Hatay, and one person blew himself up, and another person was killed in the clashes with Security, and the others fled.

It is worth noting that these Turkish allegations, which claim that the Workers’ Party fighters, who took from Manbij as a base for their operations, have planes for the first time, coinciding with Erdogan’s launch of new threats targeting the city of Manbij itself.

Translation: Selava Omar

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