Turkey: The PKK militants came from Manbij and clashed with security forces in Hatay

Brusk Hassan –

The Turkish authorities announced that two PKK fighters clashed with the security forces in the Iskenderun area of ​​Hatay, on October 26, 2020, after they entered from Syrian territory, as they claimed.

The Turkish authorities said that one of the fighters blew himself up, while he lost his last life during the clash, adding that the fighters entered from the Manbij area to the Amanus Mountains and from there to the Iskenderun Hatay area.

She added that 4 other fighters were able to hide from view, and it is believed that they took refuge in the mountains again after they seized the car of a passer-by, according to the Turkish authorities.

But what is striking, and after the rapid developments that took place in the Syrian arena and the world, and after Erdogan’s threats, the Turkish authorities took the initiative to make new allegations about the circumstances of the offensive operation, which no party has yet announced its adoption.

Today, Wednesday, the Turkish security authorities claimed that the PKK militants flew by local aircraft from the city of Manbij and reached the Amanus Mountains and from there to the Iskenderun region and from there to Hatay and carried out their operation, where one of them blew himself up while he lost his last life during the clash, while 4 others are believed to have been hurt Low profile.

This is the first time that the Turkish authorities have announced the ability of the PKK fighters to fly.

However, in addition to this, Turkey claims that the fighters flew from Manbij, Syria, and entered Turkish lands, at a time when Erdogan launches daily threatening letters and launching a new military operation against the Autonomous Administration in northern Syria.

Translation: Selava Omar

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