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Omar Al-Idlibi, a leader in the SDF, told to “Xeber24”: Russia is seeking to achieve a military settlement and not activate a political solution

Sorkhin Resul –

On Monday 10/26/2020, Russian raids targeted the headquarters of the so-called Sham Legion in Jabal al-Duwaili, located to the west of the town of Armanaz in the northern countryside of Idlib / killing more than 78 militants, and more than 140 wounded.

This was considered as sending a message from Russia to Turkey, and the “Sham Legion” faction is considered one of the factions closest to Ankara and loyal to it, and this targeting came after the failure of the meeting held several days ago between Russian Defense Minister “Sergey Shoygu” and his Turkish counterpart “Hulusi Akar”.

Within this context, and in his response to whether Russia wants to turn the balance in Syria’s Idlib and establish a new situation for it, the commander of the Northern Democratic Brigade, Abu Omar al-Idlibi, told “Xeber24”: “Russia, since its military intervention in Syria on September 30, 2015, has been seeking to achieve A military decision and not activating the political solution, despite its invocation of the end of the military operations and their success, and that the vocabulary of the political solution began to be applied, the situation in Idlib falls within this context.

Regarding the credibility of Turkey’s withdrawal from Morek base, Abu Omar said: “The Turkish withdrawal from Morek is the beginning of the implementation of withdrawals coming from all the checkpoints besieged by the Syrian regime forces, this is the decreed Turkish role that Turkey is implementing to achieve its interests in Syria, and we We warned from the beginning that Turkey’s malign role in Syria is limited to achieving what is called Turkish national security, at the expense of the blood and suffering of Syrians.

He added: “Turkey throughout history has been the most harmful and hostile country to the Syrian people, caused by historical and cultural complications in restoring the glories of the Ottoman Empire at the expense of the Arabs, Kurds and Armenians, so the present is always the mirror of history.”

Abu Omar pointed out, “Syria has become a political bazaar between the trio of the Astana axis (Russia, Turkey, Iran), and this year the regional dimension of the Middle East was added from Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean to Azerbaijan now, to add all this to the equation of the existing interests of Russia and Turkey. On the trade-offs that northern and eastern Syria is an arena for, despite the political and security stability, the societal situation based on the democratic experience of the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria, and the sacrifices made by the Syrian Democratic Forces in their war against ISIS and its elimination, which is the most powerful terrorist organization that horrified the entire world.

He emphasized that, “Russia does not need excuses to justify any military action, as it always invokes the legitimacy of the Syrian regime for its interference and its role in Syria.”

The prominent military leader in the Syrian Democratic Forces, Abu Omar Al-Idlibi, ended his speech by saying: “But we cannot overlook the seriousness of the American presidential election stage and the preoccupation and retreat in American politics at the expense of international affairs, and here we stress that Russia and Turkey are on the same level of preparedness. To seize the opportunity of the American presidential elections, to achieve the interests of both of them in Syria.

Translation: Selava Omar

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