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A leader in “PYNK” sheds light on some points of contention in the Kurdish dialogue “Video”

Kajin Ahmad –

The Secretary of the Kurdistan Republican Party – Syria, “Bakr Issa”, confirmed today, Monday, that the negotiating delegation of the group of Kurdish national unity parties achieved many points of agreement with the parties of the Kurdish National Council.

In an exclusive interview with “Xeber24”, Issa indicated that they made many concessions within the framework of the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, in order to make this dialogue succeed and reach an agreement with the other party as soon as possible.

The Kurdish leader noted that there are some points of disagreement that are negotiated, but the other side insists on some of the demands, which he described as unacceptable even by the Kurdish street.

Bin Issa stated that one of those demands is that the curriculum of the Syrian regime should be returned to the Autonomous Administration areas in northern and eastern Syria, and that it be studied in schools.

He pointed out that this demand is not acceptable to it, and not to the national unity parties, but even to the entire Kurdish street, who once dreamed of studying in his mother tongue.

Translation: Selava Omar

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