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British newspaper: After its defeat in the Middle East .. ISIS is looking to Africa as a new front line for its operations

Selava Omar –

The British newspaper “The Times” reported: “After its defeat in the Middle East, ISIS is fighting its own wars and is aligned with other parties across Africa.”

The newspaper added that the escape of more than 1,300 prisoners from a prison in the Congo was not surprising, as it revealed the ambitions of ISIS in the heart of Africa.

Days before the storming of “Kangbai Central” prison, 300 jihadists crossed from Mozambique to Tanzania, and attacked a police station and killed a number of people, according to what was reported in the newspaper.

ISIS claimed that both attacks were victories, which is evidence that while ISIS may be in a vulnerable position in the Middle East, it is regrouping in Africa and is setting its sights on renewing its caliphate by building its influence in security-weak areas.

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