Turkey extends the period of drilling in disputed waters in the eastern Mediterranean

Selava Omar – Xeber24.net – “Agencies”

Turkey announced that it decided to extend the period of surveying operations conducted by its ship “Oruç Rais” in a disputed area in the eastern Mediterranean until the fourth of November.

And a notification issued by the Turkish Navy late on Saturday evening indicated that the ship “Oruch Chief” and the ships “Ataman” and “Genghis Khan” would continue to operate in an area south of the Greek island of Rhodes until the fourth of November, after the notification was mentioned, and previous survey work in the area will continue until October 27th.

Ankara withdrew “Uruch President” last month to make way for diplomacy before an EU summit during which Cyprus sought to impose sanctions on Turkey, but returned the ship this month, prompting an angry response from Greece, France and Germany.

After the summit, the Union said that it would punish Turkey if it continued its operations in the region, in a move that Ankara considered would increase tension in relations between it and the bloc. Turkey says its operations are taking place on its own continental shelf.

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