Autonomous Administration: An urgent international deterrent must be put in place for Turkish violations , and Russia and America should not shirk their responsibilities

Sorkhin Resul –

The Autonomous Administration of Northeast Syria issued a statement to the public opinion, today, Friday, in which it condemned the Turkish bombing of northern and eastern Syria, and called on the monitoring parties, in the forefront of Russia and America, to carry out their responsibilities and prevent the Turkish violations and its loyal factions.

The text of the statement read: “The mercenaries of the Turkish state have been waging a violent attack with heavy weapons on the Ain Issa areas for days, and these attacks come in very important and sensitive circumstances, where the decision and the UN call calling for a cessation of hostilities throughout the world due to the Corona pandemic, this on the one hand and on the other hand, these attacks come in light of the existence of an American-Turkish as well as Russian-Turkish understanding about northern and eastern Syria, after the Autonomous Administration cooperated with the American and Russian side in following ways that undermine Turkey’s flimsy arguments, including what the SDF provided by withdrawing to the agreed-upon distances from the borders.

The statement added that despite the agreements on a ceasefire, Turkey did not stop the violations and violations, “Since these agreements between America on the one hand and Russia on the other hand with Turkey, the attacks and violations by mercenaries and targeting civilians and safe villages have not stopped, defenseless, innocent civilians, children and women as well, not to mention the extent of damage to public property.

The statement condemned the Turkish violations and called for an urgent international deterrent: “We in the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria condemn in the strongest terms these practices and attacks launched by mercenaries with direct Turkish support, and we call on all monitoring parties, at the forefront of which are Russia and America, not to shirk their responsibilities and emphasize their role with regard to the reduction, from these Turkish violations, and at the same time we call on the United Nations, UN institutions, human rights institutions and the relevant legal authorities to work in a way that suits their pioneering role in preventing Turkey from such operations after the report issued by the United Nations Human Rights Committee confirmed the violations followed by the loyal and supported groups, from Turkey, where it continues to ignore these reports, and on the contrary, is increasing its brutality, which requires an urgent international deterrent.

And It is worth noting that the Turkish forces and the pro-factions bombed Ain Issa district and its countryside with shells and missiles in the past two days, and they also targeted civilians on the M4 road, and a citizen was seriously injured.

Translation: Selava Omar

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