On Video.. “The War on Rojava” is a documentary that narrates the tragedy of the Turkish war in northern and eastern Syria

Selava Omar –

Turkey and its factions launched their attacks on “Rojava” on October 9, 2019, after the American forces began to withdraw from northeastern Syria, and the Turkish forces and their loyalists from the factions committed many violations against the residents of “Rojava” from killing, looting and displacement.

And the documentary film, by journalist “Badrakhan Muhammad” and three journalists working for Polish television, they are: “Konrad Zakorsky, Vetold Repetovijs, Syarhai Markhik”.

The film deals with the events of the Turkish military operation on Rojava and northern Syria, on the ninth of October last year, and the scenes of the film were not scenes and representative events, but realistic scenes whose heroes were from reality and kept up with the details of the events witnessed by Seri Kani / Ras al-Ain and Gire Spi / Tel Abyad, During the attacks of Turkey and its factions.

“Badrakhan Muhammad”, a Kurdish journalist, used to cover the course of the Turkish war on Rojava, and he was a geographic coordinator in the region and helped the Polish team “film producers” in translating local languages ​​into English.

“Badrakhan” stated in a special statement to “Xeber24” that the documentary film “The War on Rojava” began to be filmed on October 9, 2019, since the beginning of the Turkish attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and continued for 15 days, and indicated that what distinguishes this film from The other documentaries, is that all his scenes are real from the ground, and no prior planning or representation took place.

“Badr” pointed out that the documentary’s scenario was different at the beginning, as it dealt with the course of the revolution in northern and eastern Syria, and the coexistence between the components of the region, but when Turkey launched its attacks on Rojava, the type of scenario changed to include documentation of Turkish violations against civilians in the region.

The documentary is scheduled to be shown in a number of cities and regions of the Al-Jazeera region in the coming days.

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