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Erdogan: What is America doing in Syria and why did it bring 3 thousand truckloads of weapons here ??

Brusk Hassan –

Turkish President “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” attacked both Russia and America, and asked what America is doing in Syria.

Erdogan expressed his anger at the question of their presence in Syria, claiming that he had 911 kilometers of the common border with Syria, and that he was there to save his brothers and sisters and secure his borders.

He added that it does not make sense for America to come to Syria, as it traveled 11,000 km, established bases there, and brought more than 3,000 trucks of weapons, ammunition and tools here .. Why?

Erdogan pointed out that what happened in Iraq, Syria and the Balkan countries in the past, and what is happening now in Libya and Karabakh, shows how discrimination, separation and the pursuit of small accounts bring nothing but blood and tears.

He referred again to the Azerbaijani file, claiming that their presence in Azerbaijan is to stand by their Azerbaijani brothers who are waging a fierce war against Armenia.

And he continued in his claim that 30 years ago America, Russia and France did not finish these negotiations and did not give them the lands of our Azerbaijani brothers, and now our Azerbaijani brothers are struggling to save their occupied lands.

Translation: Selava Omar

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