General “Mazloum Abdi” comments on the meeting of the Swedish Foreign Minister with “Gawish Oglu” in Ankara

Kajin Ahmad –

General “Mazloum Abdi”, commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, commented on Wednesday on Sweden’s Foreign Minister Anne Linde’s call for Turkey to withdraw from Syria, during her press conference with Ankara’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

The general expressed his support for this call, through a tweet he posted on his official account on “Twitter”, calling for work on a political solution that respects the territorial integrity of Syria.

The military commander said, “We agree with the comments of the Swedish Foreign Minister, “Ann Linde”, regarding the violations that Turkey has committed in northeastern Syria.”

The general added, “We support Sweden’s call for Turkey to withdraw its forces from Syria and work for a political solution that respects Syria’s territorial integrity and political diversity.”

On Tuesday, Swedish Foreign Minister Anne Linde urged, during a joint press conference with her Turkish counterpart, “Mouloud Gawish Oglu”, the need for Turkey to withdraw its forces from Syria.

The Swedish minister also condemned Turkey’s persecution policies against the Kurds inside and outside Turkey, especially in Syria, as these statements came as a thunderbolt to Ankara’s Foreign Minister “Moloud Gawish Oglu”.

Translation: Selava Omar

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