An American newspaper: Sending Syrian fighters to Libya or Azerbaijan has become a natural phenomenon

Selava Omar – Xeber24.net

The American newspaper “Wall Street Journal” reported that hundreds of Syrian fighters linked to Turkey have deployed in the conflict zone in “Karabakh”.

It stated that “hundreds of members of the Syrian armed groups allied with Turkey participated in the battles between Azerbaijan and Armenia.”

The newspaper added that two sources in Syria confirmed to it information about the transfer of militants, noting that “hundreds of others are preparing to travel.”

According to the newspaper’s sources, news that started since July “is spreading among the Syrian rebel groups, stating that Turkey is recruiting fighters to participate in the hostilities.”

The newspaper’s information reveals that sending militants from Syria to the conflict zone took place in mid-September “in groups of up to 100 people at one time.”

A source in Syria associated with armed groups said that hundreds of people were deployed there, but “dozens have already returned, fearing heavy fighting.”

The article quoted an interview it conducted with a member of the factions in which he said that the militants who arrived in Karabakh from Syria get 2000 dollars a month.

Another source declared that “the losses among the Syrian fighters are increasing rapidly,” noting that “about 200” Syrians “have already requested their return.”

The newspaper pointed out that Turkey organized military exercises in Azerbaijan for a period of two weeks and “provided the Azerbaijani authorities with attack drones.”

The article noted that Turkey, according to the US Department of Defense, had previously organized the sending of nearly 5,000 militants from Syria to Libya.

A source in Syria was quoted as saying that sending fighters to Libya or Azerbaijan has become a “natural phenomenon,” adding, “People no longer care about what or against those who are fighting, and now they only ask about money. They will go to where the money is”, according to newspaper.

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