Greece condemns Turkey’s return of an exploration vessel to the eastern Mediterranean and considers this a direct threat to peace

Selava Omar – – “Agencies’

On Monday, the Greek Foreign Ministry condemned Turkey’s decision to return an exploration vessel to the eastern Mediterranean that was the focus of a dispute between the two countries over rights to explore energy resources.

The Greek Foreign Ministry considered, in a statement, that the new Turkish navigational notification for search operations south of “Kastellorizo” on the Greek continental shelf is “a major escalation and a direct threat to peace and security in the region.”

She added that Turkey is “untrustworthy” and “not sincere in its desire for dialogue.”

The ministry said that Ankara is “the most prominent factor of instability” in the region, starting with “Libya to the Aegean region, Cyprus, Syria, Iraq, and now Karabakh.”

It is reported that the Turkish Navy announced, on Sunday, that the ship “Aruj Reis” will carry out activities in the region, including the south of the Greek island of Kastellorizo, from Monday to October 22, in a message to the Naval Warning System “Naftex”. .

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