From Libya to Azerbaijan … Turkey expands its “military adventures”

Selava Omar – ـ Agencies

The Turkish army is spread over a wide geographical area outside his country, up to about 3 thousand km, and it seemed that the “Nagorny Karabakh” region would be the new region in which the Turks were deployed militarily.

And in late September, battles erupted between Armenia and Azerbaijan against the backdrop of the “Nagorno Karabakh” region, and almost all international powers called for an immediate ceasefire, with the exception of Turkey, which rose to support its ally Azerbaijan, and began imposing the conditions required to stop the fighting.

The American magazine “Foreign Policy” reported, Friday, that in the event that Turkey intervenes directly in the conflict in the “Nagorno-Karabakh” region, this will be the latest episode in Ankara’s military adventures abroad.

Indeed, Turkey began to intervene in the bloody conflict in the region by supplying arms to Azerbaijan, and Armenia also accused the Turkish air force of being involved in the battles, knowing that there is a Turkish military base in this country.

The government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent hundreds of Syrian mercenaries from its areas of control in Syria to Azerbaijan to fight alongside it in the battles, a step that took place in Libya and preceded Turkey’s direct intervention there.

The number of Syrian mercenaries sent to Azerbaijan reached about 1,200 armed men, most of them from the Syrian Turkmen component, and belonging to the “Sultan Murad” and “Al-Amshat” factions, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

“Foreign Policy” considered that instead of achieving stability in the region, Ankara seemed intent on supporting its ally Baku, which would provoke NATO.

She added that Turkey’s quest to exert greater influence in the South Caucasus is not surprising.

And the Turkish forces and allied factions are spread over a strip that extends from the South Caucasus to North Africa, through the Middle East, the Arabic Gulf and the Horn of Africa.

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