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The Kurdish Council transfers the Turkish demands to the general and sets up two options, the only of which is either “acceptance or no agreement.”

Brusk Hassan –

The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, General “Mazloum Abdi,” with direct American support, continues vigorous attempts to bring the two parties to the Kurdish dialogue to a compromise formula for self-administration in northern and eastern Syria.

However, Turkey, which showed its annoyance and its complete rejection of the dialogue of the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) with the Democratic Union Party (PYD), and the group of Kurdish National Unity Parties later, places impossible conditions and intervenes directly.

The Turkish refusal came clearly and directly for the first time, in the words of its Foreign Minister “Moloud Gawish Oglu” on May 17, 2020, during which he announced that his country rejected the Russian and American efforts for what it called the integration of the People’s Protection Units and the Syrian Democratic Forces into the Syrian political path under the name of “SDF” or the Syrian Kurds.

He explained at the time that Russia was persistent and tried hard to go down this path, before the fully armed Kurdish units became allies of the United States.

He said, “We, in turn, used to tell them every time that there was no difference between them and the PKK.”

Oglu claimed at the time that Turkey was not against the Kurds, adding that “after the establishment of a state in the region failed, the United States is working this time on a plan to integrate into the political system, especially as it is trying to merge the Kurdish National Council“ ENKS ”with the People’s Protection Units“ YPG ” In reference to the Democratic Union Party which is negotiating with the Kurdish National Council.

At that time, three months had passed since the talks and consultations between the Kurdish National Council and the Democratic Union Party.

Although the requests of the Kurdish National Council in the beginning were not at that level, except for participation in the Autonomous Administration, its development, the opening of offices and the release of detainees if they were found, but recently, with Turkey’s interference in the course of the talks, the conditions have changed completely, as the conditions have become an illusion.

And an informed official from the Kurdish National Council stated that Turkey will not accept a Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, nor an autonomous administration, calling for the Kurdish people to be realistic and not to live in imagination.

The official, who declined to be named, said: “The PYD’s policies have brought them into all these circumstances, and that Turkey is asking us not to enter into any administrations, and for the region to be jointly administered with some of the parties of the Syrian coalition with the participation of members of the Kurdish National Council if they take place, on condition That there be no armed forces affiliated with the PYD and that there should be no forced recruitment.

He added: “The Turkish side made it clear to us that the only language that should be taught in Syrian schools is recognized by UNESCO and the United Nations, so ideological curricula cannot be studied by the Democratic Union Party.”

But a member of the Foreign Relations of the Kurdish National Council said that Turkey supports the descent of Peshmerga that promoted “Syrian Kurdistan”.

Translation: Selava Omar

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