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“Sihanouk Depo” comments through “Xeber24” on the recent Turkish threats and the “Kurdish-Kurdish” dialogue

Kajin Ahmad –

Turkey has threatened again to launch a military operation in northern and eastern Syria, under the pretext that the United States and Russia have not fulfilled their promises to it, and that it will take its measures in this case with military intervention unless these promises are fulfilled.

Many observers believe that Turkey is always looking for an outlet for it to export its internal and external crises, and this port is to fight the Kurds, especially after the European community united its word to confront Erdogan’s ambitions in the eastern Mediterranean, and the relationship between Ankara and Moscow in northwestern Syria and later in the south The Caucasus, as well as the widening rift in relations between Ankara and Washington, due to the “S-400” missiles and Erdogan’s policy in the eastern Mediterranean.

In this regard, the representative of the Syrian Democratic Council in Cairo, Sihanouk Dibo, explained to “Xeber24” today, Tuesday, that Turkey in the era of Erdogan is living this moment in an internal crisis situation in all respects, and has been able for several times to issue this crisis in fighting the Kurds and trying to eliminate their legitimate aspirations. .

“Dibo” stressed that Turkey’s current threats will not be met by deaf ears that have heard him previously, noting that Turkey’s continuous threats and its war against the components of northern and eastern Syria, especially the Kurdish component, have become one of the main reasons pushing to solve the Kurdish issue according to the right to democratic self-determination other than the state. .

The Kurdish politician stressed that Turkey, which has not been able to get rid of the illusion of the Ottoman Sultanate, cannot count on any role it has in the region, and all the pens that promote this matter must review its accounts, or that it will be a partner to Ankara’s crimes in Syria.

“Dibo” referred to the issue of the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, referring to the delay in Ankara’s policies aimed at thwarting it with some of the parties involved in the Syrian opposition coalition, stressing that this dialogue is an essential part of the Syrian national dialogue.

And he indicated that the success of the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue is a win for every Syrian patriot and the forces of the Syrian national opposition, and a blow against Turkey’s Erdogan plans and the parties that linked their fate with Ankara.

“Dibo” concluded his speech by saying: that Ottoman Turkey is particularly hostile to the Kurdish and Arab issues in transformation and democratic change, stressing that the Autonomous Administration represents the most realistic model for resolving the Syrian crisis, and the administration must give it the national consensual dimension in order to be the advanced embodiment of UN Resolution 2254.

Translation: Selava Omar

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