Turkey is fueling the fire of battles .. “Gawish Oglu” heads to Azerbaijan

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

Today, Tuesday, Turkish Foreign Minister “Moloud Gawish Oglu” is heading to Azerbaijan, in the wake of bloody confrontations between Baku and Yerevan, in which Ankara was not immune to igniting war.

According to a statement issued by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, “Gawish Oglu” will meet the President of Azerbaijan, “Ilham Aliyev”, during his visit. He will discuss the situation in the “Nagorno Karabakh” region, which has been disputed between Armenia and Azerbaijan for decades.

Since the outbreak of the confrontations in “Karabakh” Sunday before last, Erdogan and his entourage in the government and the ruling party have spared no effort to incite the continuation of the battles that have left dozens dead and wounded on both sides.

The battles erupted in the “Karabakh” region on Sunday, September 27th, and Turkey spared no efforts in inciting the continuation of the battles that left dozens dead and wounded on both sides.

“Turkey” sent Syrian mercenaries and military equipment to Azerbaijan, according to official Armenian statements, in an indication of Ankara’s widespread involvement in destabilizing the region there, striking the endeavors of a solution and stopping the battles that the international community calls for.

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