Armenian deputy: Syrian mercenaries in Azerbaijan loot villages and impose extremist ideology

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

Armenian MP “Vhagen Tevosyan” said that the mercenaries who were hired by Azerbaijan to attack Irtsakh “Karabakh” began to loot stores and robbed citizens of Azerbaijan.

The Armenian Press Agency quoted Armenian MP “Vahagen Tevosyan” as saying that the mercenaries are trying to even impose Islamic law on the Azerbaijani population.

“Tevosyan” stated that in early September, the Russian newspaper “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” reported that mercenaries from Syria were planning to attack Armenia, but the article was removed after pressure from Azerbaijan.

Today, according to the Armenian MP, there are reports from various sources about how these mercenaries are treating the Azerbaijanis in the villages in which they are deployed.

“The Azerbaijani villagers complain that the mercenaries are trying to impose Islamic law on their homes, looting stores, they prevent women from going out without a veil, people are being robbed in the streets and so on,” Tevosyan added.

He added, “The criminal adventure of the Aliyev regime in employing jihadists will lead to the collapse of Azerbaijan.”

The agency also cited what was said by the human rights organization in Afrin, which published a list of mercenary teams active in Syria, which were transferred to Azerbaijan and contracted with them as mercenaries to fight against the Artsakh army in the ongoing Azerbaijani aggression.

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