School opening poses a dilemma for most families in northern and eastern Syria, amid high prices and low income

Prepare and Translation: Selava Omar –

The markets usually recover with the approaching date of the opening of schools, where there is a widespread demand for the purchase of new school supplies for students, but it seems that something of this concept has changed after the “Corona” pandemic, and the high price prices witnessed by the markets, amid the deterioration of the value of the Syrian pound against the dollar and the euro .

This was the case in the city of “Qamishlo” in the north and east of Syria, although schools will soon open their doors to receive students and the beginning of the first semester, the movement of markets has not witnessed activity, as is usual at this time every year.

Stationery has turned into a big problem for parents, especially those who have a large number of children who go to school, as they face the problem of securing the needs and supplies for their children to go to school.

In this context, the lens “Xeber24” monitored some of the opinions of vendors and students in the markets of “Qamishlo” regarding the reception of the new school year and the high prices of stationery, which has become an additional burden on the shoulders of students’ parents for all stages of study.

According to the surveys that were monitored, one of the vendors told the “Xeber24” correspondent that the percentage of people’s turnout to buy stationery is a small percentage compared to previous years, despite the availability of supplies in the market, due to the high prices and the low exchange of the currency against the dollar, where most merchants deal In foreign currency, in addition to the proximity of the winter season, which also needs to provide heating and other supplies.

Another seller said that with regard to the prices of school supplies, they are exorbitant and constitute a burden on the family, and he added that the cost of equipping each student reaches approximately 100,000 Syrian pounds to buy stationery and school supplies, and this is not commensurate with the monthly income of families in the region.

It is noteworthy that the co-presidency of the Education Authority in the Autonomous Administration has set next Sunday 9/27/2020 as the date for the start of the new school year in the regions of northern and eastern Syria.

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