International Peace Day… under the slogan “Forming peace together”

On September 21 of each year, the International Day of Peace falls. The United Nations General Assembly dedicates this date to promoting the ideals of peace in nations and peoples and between them.

The member states of the United Nations adopted 17 goals for sustainable development in 2015, as they realized that building a world at peace requires taking steps to achieve economic and social development for all peoples in everywhere in the world , and to ensure the protection of their rights.

The theme of the International Day of Peace 2020 is “Forming Peace Together”, to celebrate this day by spreading sympathy, compassion and hope to face covid 19 epidemic and attempts to use the virus to promote discrimination or hatred, as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, warned in the ceremony celebrating this occasion on The Japanese Garden at the United Nations headquarters the dangers posed by the Covid-19 pandemic to peace everywhere, saying: “It highlights and exploit all forms of inequality , and puts societies and countries against each other.”

The occasion of the International Day of Peace passes to the Syrian people this year, while they are still suffering from the absence of peace, security, stability and tranquility, due to the continued worsening of the Syrian crisis since 2011, which has led to thousands of victims dead, wounded, missing, forcibly disappeared, detained, displaced, and refugees inside and outside the country, In addition to the destruction, devastation, and environmental and climatic damage in all of the Syrian geography,summed up by the September 16 report of the International Commission of inquiry on Syria ,based on investigations conducted between December11 this year and the first of july/last july , under the title (No Clean Hands – Behind the Front lines and Headlines, Civilians continue to be exposed to horrific violations and are increasingly targeted by armed forces)

As we celebrate the International Day of Peace, we can never ignore the negative effects of the absence of democratic freedoms and the failure to recognize the reality of national, political, religious and sectarian pluralism in Syria over the past decades, and the inauguration of dictatorial, military, nationalist and authoritarian regimes in it, on the issue of peace, as this led, in addition to the suppression of freedoms.

The confiscation of human rights, the resort to a policy of injustice and persecution resulting from discrimination and inequality between citizens, the application of racist projects against the Kurdish people in Syria, and the pitting of the Syrian components against each other, to the creation of an environment in which security, civil peace, coexistence and social cohesion have been exposed to serious risks.

That have clearly appeared in many of the situations that the country has gone through, and we are reaping its negative effects and repercussions in their ugliest forms at the present time.

This very alarming reality for the Syrian society, and its repercussions and various negative effects on the issue of peace in it, requires all civil and political institutions to deal with it with extreme caution and care, and work to provide the factors that lead to achieving safety and stability, maintaining peace, coexistence and social cohesion in it, and contributing to its development And its growth and prosperity.

We, in the human rights and civil rights centers and organizations and organizations who signed this statement, call on this occasion all members of the Syrian society to defend civil peace and stand against war and violence and the culture of hatred and discrimination in all its forms, support peace initiatives and consolidate concepts of love and brotherhood and the foundations of true partnership in the homeland.

we see on this occasion a good opportunity for all peoples of the world to open up to each other, and to meet with each other, about ideas that pave the way for the return of peace absent from many countries of the world, including our country Syria.and we call on the international community to assume its responsibilities towards the Syrian crisis, by exerting pressure on all parties to the conflict in it, to stop hostilities and start a political solution based on relevant international decisions, stop human rights violations, hold accountable the perpetrators of war crimes against humanity , and release all detainees have been arrested on the background of their political and public opinions and mass civil and human rights activities, revealing the fate of the abductees, missing and forcibly disappeared persons, lifting the siege imposed on civilians in Syrian cities and towns, launching democratic freedoms, and resolving the issue of of the Kurdish people on the basis of recognizing their rights in accordance with international laws and conventions.

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