Cyprus President: We are suffering from a new Turkish occupation

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

In his speech to the United Nations General Assembly, the Cypriot President “Nikos Anastasiades” stated that his country is suffering from a new Turkish occupation represented by its violations of Nicosia’s territorial waters.

The Cypriot President called on the United Nations to protect the independence and sovereignty of the lands of Cyprus.

Anastasiades said, “Cyprus is still suffering from the consequences of the Turkish occupation in 1974 and now it suffers from a new Turkish occupation within our territorial waters and from our confrontation at the same time with threats of the entry of Turkish warships, which is considered a violation of international decisions.”

He added, “We rely on the United Nations General Secretariat and Member States to protect our independence and sovereignty, as well as our territorial waters, in compliance with international law, including the International Charter and relevant international decisions in this regard.”

On the other hand, the Cypriot president affirmed that his country and Greece are moving firmly with the aim of an immediate end to Turkey’s illegal actions in the eastern Mediterranean.

This came during his meeting in Nicosia with the Greek president, who confirmed that Athens and Nicosia adopt a unified diplomatic position in the eastern Mediterranean crisis, based on the principles of international law.

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