General “Mazloum Abdi” succeeds in paving the way for the Kurdish issue for Moscow and Washington, and after Lavrov Trump, he returns to talk about oil and the Kurds in Syria

Brousk Hassan –

The Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces and its leader, Major General “Mazloum Abdi” were able to draw the attention of America and Russia to the regions of northern and eastern Syria, so that the two countries became as if they were in a race to reach an agreement with Major General “Mazloum Abdi”.

According to Russian media reports, US President “Donald Trump” announced that the United States may discuss the issue of oil fields in eastern Syria with the Kurds.

Trump said during a press conference, on Friday: “I have managed to preserve the oil, we have forces guarding the oil, and in addition to that we are outside Syria.”

He added, “It is possible that we will have discussions with the Kurds about oil, and we will see how that will end, and then we will leave.”

Trump did not provide any clarifications about the details of the possible discussions, the potential parties they will participate in, or any dates for them.

The US President had announced the withdrawal of part of the American forces from Syria, while some forces would remain in eastern Syria in order to “protect” the oil installations and ensure that the Kurds would get the revenues from them.

And in late July, US Senator “Lindsey Graham” announced that an agreement had been concluded between an American company and the Kurds in northeastern Syria on developing oil fields in the region.

This came on the same day that Russian Foreign Minister “Sergey Lavrov” spoke about the Kurdish situation in general and in northern and eastern Syria in particular, amid sending direct messages to the Democratic Autonomous Administration.

Source: TASS

Translation: Selava Omar

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