An official Kurdish source confirms to “Xeber24”: The next few days will bear great good news for the Kurdish people in Rojava

Prepare: Kajin Ahmad –
Translation: Selava Omar

The secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria, Mr. “Salih Gedo”, confirmed this evening, Saturday, that the next few days will bear great good news for the Kurdish people in Rojava, noting the quick steps shown by the two Kurdish negotiating delegations.

“Gedo” told “Xeber24”: “These days, my delegation is discussing the Kurdish dialogue, both the National Unity Parties“ PYNK ”and the Kurdish National Council“ ENKS ”the fate of the partnership in the Kurdish Autonomous Administration in western Kurdistan, in a very positive atmosphere.

The Kurdish politician pointed out that the dialogue is continuing under the auspices of General “Mazloum Abdi”, commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and representatives of the United States of America, adding that “the discussion is taking place with all responsibility.”

“Gedo” explained that the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue has made good strides, as the political consensus has been reached between the two parties, and then through the second stage, the Kurdish political reference was agreed upon, which will soon be finally agreed upon.

Mr. Gedo apologized for revealing the points that are currently being debated, explaining that there is a consensus between the negotiating parties not to reveal the details of the dialogue and the points that are being deliberated.

And the Kurdish politician stressed at the end of his statement, that the next few days will carry good and great news for the Kurdish people in Rojava, and the unity of the Kurdish ranks will be announced.

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