Pompeo: America is very concerned about Turkey’s moves in the Eastern Mediterranean

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

US Secretary of State “Mike Pompeo” said that the United States remains “extremely concerned” about Turkey’s moves in the eastern Mediterranean region.

“Reuters” agence reported, yesterday evening, Saturday, that Pompeo had called for a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

And tensions have escalated in the eastern Mediterranean region due to mutual claims between Turkey on the one hand and Greece and Cyprus on the other hand for the right of each party to the marine areas believed to be rich in natural gas.

Pompeo said on a lightning visit to Cyprus, on Saturday evening, in which he met President Nikos Anastasiades, “The countries of the region need to find a diplomatic and peaceful solution to their differences, including on issues of security and energy sources.”

“The escalation of military tension will not help anyone but those opponents who wish to see a split in the unity of the transatlantic countries,” he added.

Turkey has sent two survey ships to separate parts of the region, which sparked strong protests from Cyprus and Greece, which say that Ankara is encroaching on the continental shelf, while Turkey claims that it has legitimate rights in this region.

“We remain extremely concerned about Turkey’s ongoing operations.. The Republic of Cyprus has the right to benefit from its natural resources, including the right to benefit from hydrocarbons discovered in its exclusive economic zone,” Pompeo said.

And there is no agreement between Greece and Turkey on the demarcation of their continental shelf, while Turkey stands in the face of any claims from Cyprus, with which it has no diplomatic relations.

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