In video: General “Mazloum Abdi” proposes to the international powers a solution to the Syrian crisis and affirms that Kurdish unity is a strategic goal for them

Brusk Hassan –

General Mazloum Abdi, Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), made a statement 09/05/2020, regarding the current conditions in Rojava and Syria, and “Abdi” explained that the issues of the region can be resolved through dialogue and negotiation.

In an interview with “Medyanews”, Abdi stated that neither the opposition nor the regime could win militarily, he added that the Syrian regime is not ready for a solution.

According to Abdi, the negotiations stalled due to the regime’s insistence on denying the Kurdish people.

On the issue of national unity, Abdi said: “The national unity of the Kurds in Syria is a strategic goal for us, unless the Kurds are united, we believe they cannot secure their future. ”

He stressed that Turkey does not support the solution in Syria: “Because if the solution is achieved, Turkey will have to get out of here.”

Regarding the United States, Abdi indicated that the US administration made big mistakes last year and allowed the Turkish state to attack the areas of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

He concluded that if the international powers were looking for a solution in Syria, they should support the Kurds and allow their representatives in the region to attend the Geneva meetings.

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