After the hopes of the Kurdish agreement.. the “Syrian coalition” changes its tone and meets with the Kurdish National Council

Brusk Hassan –

The Syrian Opposition Coalition announced on its official website, on Wednesday, that it had held a meeting with the Kurdish National Council, according to the statement, the meeting was characterized by transparency and frankness, during which views were exchanged on points of agreement and points of disagreement.

The meeting of the Syrian opposition coalition with the “Kurdish National Council” comes at a time when news is circulating about the Kurdish-Kurdish agreement, of which the “Kurdish National Council” represents one of its parties, and the “Kurdish national unity parties” the other side.

The coalition’s statement said, “The attendees discussed together the latest field and political developments, in addition to a number of common issues, foremost of which is the unity of the Syrian opposition, and the political solution in Syria based on international legitimacy decisions, on top of which is Resolution 2254, and the need to move the country from tyranny to a pluralistic democratic system. And a modern constitution that guarantees the separation of powers, the independence of the judiciary, public and private freedoms, equality and citizenship, and the rights of all the Syrian components. ”

According to the coalition, this meeting “comes within the continuous periodic meetings between the National Coalition and the Kurdish National Council to enhance communication, cooperation and coordination with all components, bodies and personalities within the general body of the coalition.”

The coalition claimed that it affirms its’ keenness on the organic partnership with the components of the Syrian people, especially the Kurdish National Council, and the need to strengthen its role and partnership, especially in the negotiation body and the Constitutional Committee, and its commitment to developing joint work in a way that helps to face the upcoming challenges and benefits.

The statement continued, “ For its part, the Kurdish National Council affirmed that since the beginning of the revolution, the Council has been committed to the fundamentals of the Syrian revolution, and stressed their keenness on their active role in the National Coalition, and in the Syrian Constitutional Committee and the Syrian Negotiating Commission, and called on the National Coalition to work for the return of the displaced from Afrin and Ras Al-Ain and Tal Abyad, as this strengthens the role of the National Coalition and establishes the principle of partnership.

The statement of the Syrian Coalition is not much different from Turkey’s statements, which accuse the PYD of all the region’s disasters, “the attendees discussed the problems and violations caused by the“ PYD ”in the eastern Euphrates, and stressed the need to work together to stop these violations against civilians. .

The meeting also emphasized the importance of the eastern Euphrates region and the discussion of its situation in particular, “they also stressed the need to continue maintaining periodic meetings because of their great importance and the acceleration of events in Syria in general and the east of the Euphrates in particular.”

Translation: Selava Omar

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