Turkey’s behavior in the eastern Mediterranean .. at a European summit table in Corsica, France

Selava Omar – -“Agencies”

France will host, today, Thursday, the summit of the seven southern European countries “MED 7” to discuss the crisis in the eastern Mediterranean. French President Emmanuel Macron will chair the summit, which will be held on the French island of Corsica.

The summit will bring Macron together with the prime ministers of Spain, Malta, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece, in an attempt to reach a unified position and defuse the current crisis between Turkey and Greece and Cyprus.

The French president said that the European Union’s relationship with Turkey will be the focus of talks during the European summit in Brussels on the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth of this month.

In the same context, Greek media reported that Athens will present to NATO today proposals to solve the Mediterranean crisis, and that it will emphasize adherence to the demand for the withdrawal of Turkish ships from the Mediterranean, and also indicated that Athens is committed to dialogue to resolve the Mediterranean crisis without threat or blackmail, and that it will present to NATO evidence On the Turkish violations.

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