A new rebellion by ISIS operatives in Al-Sinaa prison in the Ghuwairan neighborhood in Al-Hasakah

Sorkhin Resul –

Al-Sinaa prison in Al-Ghuwairan neighborhood in the Syrian city of Hasaka witnessed, since midnight yesterday, a new intransigence for ISIS members detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces, who were arrested during combing operations carried out with the international coalition forces to combat terrorism in Syria.

Informed sources reported, quoting the Al-Hadath website, to the correspondent of “Xeber24”, that the rebellion began after midnight on Tuesday, Wednesday, and continues until now, and the anti-terrorist forces and the internal security forces imposed a security cordon around the prison who witnessed the rebellion, and no information was received so far about the reasons for the intractability of the solution.

During the current year, the prison witnessed several cases of rebellion and attempts to escape from prison, and members of the organization demanded that their families be allowed to visit them in the prison and establish fair courts for them, and the members of the organization tried to break the walls and doors of the prison.

Translation: Selava Omar

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