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A Kurdish politician to “Xeber24”: It is not possible to formulate a successful Syrian constitution in the absence of the Kurds, and Turkey uses all its papers and tools to hit the Kurdish dialogue

Prepare: Sorxin Resul – – “Agencies”
Translation: Selava Omar

The region as a whole is witnessing many political developments, such as the recent signing of the memorandum of understanding between the Syrian Democratic Council and the People’s Will Party in Moscow, and there are talks, consultations and negotiations between the Kurdish-Kurdish parties to resolve differences between them and reach a joint agreement, and about this, Dr. “Rizgar Qasim”, head of the Kurdistan Renewal Movement said , To “Xeber24”: “The signing of this memorandum between Masd and the Popular Will Party was good, there must be intensified work in this direction, which, in my opinion, falls within the framework of sophisticated diplomacy that serves policies in the short and long term.”

Regarding the talks, consultations and negotiations between the Kurdish-Kurdish parties to resolve differences between them and reach a common agreement, “Rizgar Qassem” said: “The talks between the Kurdish parties, the Majlis and the National Unity Parties (PYNK) are moving in their right direction, albeit slowly, but everyone has to rise to the level of the historical responsibility entrusted to them, It is their responsibility towards the Kurdish people and their sacred cause and the blood of the martyrs to resort to aspiration for big goals, overriding narrow personal and partisan interests, and here I singly mention the National Council.

He added: “As for some points of contention between the two sides of the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, there is no problem or disagreement that does not have a solution, especially if all parties have the will to serve the cause and the people and with the presence of free will and free thought who reject dependency and external dictates, it is possible to overcome all the obstacles that it creates. Enemies of the Kurdish people to strike this desired Kurdish national unity, and this is required of all parties, especially the National Council.

He emphasized that there are many enemies who are fighting and exerting their efforts to strike the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue: “The countries and regimes that occupy Kurdistan will make all their efforts and strength to strike any dialogue aimed at achieving national unity, on top of which is Turkey, which is the staunchest enemy of the Kurds and Kurdistan. And its tools for that, and one of these tools is the so-called National Coalition for Opposition, which plays a pernicious and degraded role in favor of the Turks, so that the National Council takes its place in this coalition, which is hostile to the Kurdish cause, It must face its responsibilities towards the Kurdish issue with decisive stances in the face of the occupiers of the Kurdish regions and stop giving these people legitimacy in international circles, then the rug can be pulled out from under the alliance, thus curbing Turkish interventions and the strike, their aggressive plans.

On August 24, and in the midst of the complete absence of representatives of the Syrian Kurdish component, the third round of the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee began in Geneva, without there being any indication that its fate would be different from the previous two rounds, and its work was suspended for a period of time due to Four of its members were infected with the Coronavirus, and no tangible progress was recorded.

Regarding the Constitutional Committee, “Rizgar” said that no solutions can be presented for several reasons: “Of course and unfortunately this constitutional committee was formed last year from“ 150 ”people and with the approval of the United Nations,“ 50 ”from the regime,“ 50 ”from part of the opposition, and“ 50 ” “Of the civil organizations and institutions, in my opinion, they cannot provide the necessary and necessary solutions to solve the Syrian crisis at the present time and soon, for several reasons, including the most important of which are:

1- The committee does not represent the true will of the Syrian people in general.

2- The opposition participating in this committee does not represent all segments of the Syrian society, and it represents a part, not the whole.

3- This opposition does not represent democratic agendas as the regime does, and both represent interests of a particular segment and class that can meet for sharing, not for a future in the interest of the people.

4- In addition to that, most of them lack competence and represent international and regional interests and agendas, to the extent that some of them can be called agents and mercenaries.

5- To correct the course of this committee and to represent all the Syrian people, it is necessary to represent the legitimate representatives and legitimate forces on the ground as representatives of the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Council.

I mentioned above: “This committee cannot reach positive results in favor of a new Syria without the participation of the Democratic Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces, which collectively represented the true meaning of the revolution and laid the true and correct foundations for a new Syria and for the future Syria.”

He pointed to the reasons that prevent the drafting of a successful constitution in the absence of the Kurdish component, saying: “There are many reasons, some of them related to the regime, others related to the opposition, and others related to the agendas of countries that occupy Kurdistan and play a major role and have a criminal hand in the Syrian crisis. For decades, the Syrian regime denied the people. Al-Kurdi and his case have used racist, exclusionary and barbaric policies against the Kurds, and unfortunately still, despite the catastrophic situation in Syria nearly nine years ago due to those policies, this system continues with policies characterized by the same chauvinist, racist and dictatorial mentality without benefiting from decades ago through which causes have accumulated To the explosion of the revolution ”.

“As for the opposition, it is worse than the regime in this regard, in addition to its racism due to its exit from the cloak of the regime and the Baath Party, it is a cheap tool in the hands of regional countries that are hostile to the Kurdish people and their cause wherever they are, and in particular the Turkish occupation, the Syrian coalition that turned the Syrian people into mercenaries by the hands of the Turks and brought the Turks to occupy their country and play the role of the largest mercenaries known to history in the region, all these reasons meet and their owners and their interests meet to oppose the Kurds and their cause.

As for the only way for the Kurds to represent their cause in international forums and conferences related to the Syrian crisis, “Rizgar Qassem” suggested several points:

1- Humiliate all obstacles that obstruct the process of national unity, which must be completed and announced today, before tomorrow, in favor of the cause and the higher goals.

2- Rallying around the people’s forces “YPG”, “YPJ” and the SDF.

3- Following sophisticated diplomatic policies that take interests as a basis.

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