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“PYD” via “Xeber24”.. rebukes “Nasr Hariri” and responds to his accusations, and considers them the dictates of Turkish intelligence

Prepare: Sorkhin Resul –
Translation: Selava Omar

The head of the Syrian opposition coalition “Nasr Al-Hariri” sent a letter to the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States “Ahmed Aboul Gheit” accusing the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the People’s Protection Units (YPG) of committing violations against the Syrian people, claiming that they are carrying out campaigns of forced displacement and change demographic”.

In his alleged letter, Hariri stated that “the suffering of civilians in the governorates of the Eastern Region, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa and Hasakah is increasing and exacerbating due to the recent acceleration of events in them,” adding that the Democratic Union Party “PYD” and “PKK” they are trying to impose a separatist reality by force of arms in the region.

The spokeswoman for the Democratic Union Party, “Sama Bekdash”, said, through “Xeber24”, that “the accusations of Nasr Hariri do not really deserve to be answered, but if he was residing in other than Turkey, his opinion would have been different.”

She added, “All the accusations are dictated by the Turkish intelligence and its aim is to tarnish the Autonomous Administration and its institutions and create Arab-Kurdish discord.”

And she continued: “On the one hand, there is an understanding between the Kurdish parties and the unification of Kurdish political power, and on the other hand an agreement was signed between the Syrian Democratic Council and the Popular Will Party, which indicates that the reality of the experience of the Autonomous Administration on the ground, which from the beginning was seeking the unity of Syria on the ground, and the people and was able to lead a democratic project regardless of the existence of some deficiencies, as it is the first democratic experiment of its kind on the Syrian lands, and the presence of some deficiencies is possible, as it worked to liberate its regions from the biggest terrorism threatening the world, preserve its demographics, protect it, and hand over its administration to its people.

In response to the coalition’s accusations of the party of burning agricultural crops, forced conscription and seizing absentee property, Sama Bakdash said: “We are working on the return of the displaced and we are trying to improve their conditions with all available means, while Nasr Hariri and his companions are still practicing extortion, displacement, killing and militarization in the occupied areas by their masters. And everyone who wants to be sure can go to all parts of north and east Syria to see the matter on the ground.

She concluded her speech with a question addressed to Nasr Hariri: “Can the Hariri victory allow the media and organizations to enter the occupied territories by his masters and his mercenary comrades?”

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