Europe led by France is gathering to confront Turkey

Selava Omar – – “Agencies”

In light of the escalation of tensions in the eastern Mediterranean, where a Turkish impulse prevails, a Greek military gathering, and a European political mobilization, while speculations indicating that concessions are approaching are absent, which leads to defusing the conflict over gas, in the most dangerous water spot.

In this regard, France will host a meeting of the Group of Seven European Mediterranean countries, next Thursday, to discuss tension with Turkey, while the Greek foreign minister accused Turkey of violating the United Nations Charter.

And France insists on neutralizing Turkey from its objectives, by achieving sovereignty in the waterway, and working to align the European countries participating in the Mediterranean, and announced the hosting of a meeting that includes Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and Malta, with the aim of studying the current tensions with Ankara.

Greece rejects what it considers a dialogue under the yoke of blackmail or Turkish threats, criticizes the show of force practiced by the Turks, and stresses that what Ankara is doing is a clear violation of international conventions.

“Turkey is the only country that opens war fronts everywhere, and it is the only country that threatens its neighbors with war, if they choose to exercise their legal rights, it blatantly violates the United Nations Charter,” said Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias.

And the Greek minister, after his meeting with the Maltese Foreign Minister, “Evarist Bartolo”, who is visiting Athens, stressed the need for Europe to stand fully, without hesitation, in the face of Turkish challenges.

Dendias added: “Turkey’s actions are not directed only against a member state of the European Union, but against the Union itself. Turkey violates the core principles of the Union, and the essence of the common European acquis.”

And Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues the strategy of provocative statements, injecting threats and intimidation, waving the cards of his strength, that these countries are taking risks and will suffer heavy losses.

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