Erdogan’s deputy announces the start of his country’s maneuvers, “the Mediterranean storm” and beats the drums of war

Brusk Hassan –

Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay stressed that the security priorities of his country and of the Republic of Northern Cyprus, which Turkey occupies in the eastern Mediterranean, cannot be compromised.

This came in his tweet today, Sunday, commenting on the “Mediterranean storm” maneuvers conducted by Turkey and the northern part of Cyprus.

Oktay added, “We will not give up on the security priorities of our country and Turkish Cyprus, and diplomatic solutions are indispensable in the eastern Mediterranean.”

And he added, “I wish success to our heroic soldiers who represent our solid will against those seeking to imprison Turkey in the Gulf of Antalya and to ignore the Turkish Cypriots, and constitute a guarantee of peace in the Mediterranean.”

Turkey and the northern part of Turkish-occupied Cyprus will conduct “Mediterranean Storm” maneuvers between 6 and 10 September.

And participate in the exercises that are taking place in northern Cyprus Turkish air, land and navy forces.

And the conduct of the maneuvers comes at a time when the eastern Mediterranean region is witnessing tension, following Turkey’s insistence on continuing search and exploration operations in the Greek regional seas, and continuing to send threats to its neighbors’ countries and violate their airspace and their lands.

Translation: Selava Omar

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